Incorporate Yogurt into Your Diet

Yogurt is a very nutritious and tasty supplement of food. The chemical process makes it. It can be made at home by own. This yogurt is made by the action of lactase to milk. Lactose is a bacterium which attacks proteins present in the milk and converts the protein to lactic acid. This lactic acid gives the texture to milk and makes it semi-solid. The formation of milk to yogurt is known as yogurt culture. Yogurt helps in decreasing fat in your body. Yogurt is a very healthy diet to be taken if you are having fat tummy problem. It is also available in the market easily. In the market, it is available in various flavors too. It is rich in nutrition value a much rich in calcium even more than milk because lactic acid increases the amount of calcium.

How to Prepare Yogurt in Home

Formation of Yogurt is very easy. Euro cuisine ym80 yogurt maker best one for homemade yogurt. It can be readily fermented in the home. For the creation of yogurt you just need some amount of yogurt culture around one tablespoon and milk how much you want to convert into yogurt. You need to heat the milk up to about 85 degree Celsius and then add some amount of bacteria into the hewww.kitchensguides.comated milk. Now let the bacteria get reacted with milk protein and keep it somewhere in a hot place to maintain some temperature of the milk. Keep it under temperature for about 4 hours so that the lactose can get that much time to get fermented in milk. The temperature is raised because lactic acid reacts only under the high-temperature condition and warm nature. Yogurt is very healthy and delicious to eat. You should not eat yogurt at night because yogurt has some amount of acid in it which will react in your stomach is you don’t move much and at night the temperature of your stomach gets raised up when you sleep, so you should avoid yogurt at night.

Why Yogurt must be added to your diet

Yogurt is an appetizing thing that we must eat once in a day because it keeps the level of proteins and calcium high in 333_0005_dsy007cm_7jaryogurtmaker_lifestyle3_square_webour body. It is also very nutritious to eat. It is available at almost all grocery stores, and you can even make it at your home. Yogurt comes with flavors also, so any child would love to eat it. These flavors make yogurt very delicious. Yogurt also controls the level of fat in your body and makes you feel healthy. The bacteria present in yogurt kills the fats very quickly. Consumption of yogurt is magnificent for those who are having high blood pressure problem. Yogurt also has medicinal values. It is cold by nature and sour to taste. This can be served as desert or appetizer on the table. The yogurt is also called as curd. It is more healthy than milk because of the presence of a high nutritious value in yogurt than milk.



How to cook rice properly in a rice cooker

Rice is the third thing that is produced in such large quantity after sugarcane and maize worldwide. Rice is being consumed by whole at a high amount. It comes in various qualities and under different price categories. The rice is mainly divided into three broad categories according to their sizes. First, one is short than medium and after that long. All these rice varieties are not only different in just size, but they also differ in many more qualities like the level of the starch present, some nutrients, and many more things. All are having different taste and other factors also. Rice is available in various colors also but mainly white, and translucent rice is known because this rice is used more than any other color rice. There are different ways to cook rice.rice cooker

•    How to cook rice?

Rice that is of different quality is being prepared differently. Rice is mainly classified into three categories that are long, medium and short. Long rice is good to eat alone and to take them as a meal. Medium rice is sticky in structure. This type of rice is used in making shushes, sweet dishes and other dishes in which the rice are to be molded in particular shape and size. It Is because they are sticky and will not get separate as long rice do. The short quality of rice is used in making sweets.if you cook rice your first need small rice cooker.This rice is used in making rice puddings. Long rice cannot be used in making this because long rice is not so sticky and they get separated very easily. Rice must be rinsed before cooking so that the excess of starch get separate. Then the rise can be soaked in water that improves the texture of rice and helps to expand the grain of rice. Soaking can be done for thirty minutes or more than that but at least 30 minutes because it is the least time needed to the expansion of grain. Rice is the main dish of Arab. It is developed and brought up in Arab in early 20th century.

•    Environment required for growing rice:

Different rice requires different environment. This mainly depends on upon the factor that is the availability of water to the area where it is built. The rice cannot survive in a scarcity of water although it can survive in floods. Water requirement is much high of rice than any other crop like maize or sugarcane. Rice needs plenty of water to grow properly. Only one kind of rice can increase in the area where less water is available that is medium grained rice because this grain needs less amount of water to develop. Rice one of the first crops that are planted in Australia by British Indian.

Rice that is cooked correctly is delicious to eat but that is not prepared properly is not so tasty and need to be thrown in the dustbin. Most of the makers don’t know how to cook rice properly. So rice cooking needs proper information to prepare and to make them tasty and eatable.