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How We Can Clean Our House and Kitchen With Vinegar

Cleaning our home is a bit difficult task, but it is necessary to stay active and healthy in an excellent manner. There are three major ingredients that act as the best cleaning solution such as vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and baking soda. Vinegar is not only used in the recipe but also useful for cleaning all kinds of stains. Here is the list of methods that best Melbourne cleaning companies can use the vinegar to clean our house and kitchen.

Clean Window Blinds:

Cleaning Venetian or mini-blinds is considerable a tough work as it needs the white glove treatment. You can just moisten your fingers with the solution of white vinegar and hot tap water on the white cotton glove. Slide your fingers on each of the slats so that you will be amazed at the positive effects of removing the dirt and stains on the window cleaning with Vinegar

Clean Piano Keys:

Piano keys could be stained after many regular keys so that we need to clean it often to have a fresh look. Dip the soft cloth in the solution of 1/2 cup of white vinegar that is mixed with the 2 cups water. Now you can squeeze the dipped solution with the vinegar and then gently wipe with the clothes so that you can dry off the keys when you move along. For 24 hours leave the keyboard uncovered so that it would be quite useful for cleaning in an excellent manner.

Removing Water Rings On Furniture:

It is common that the furniture has the water rings on it and dotted spots on the coffee table. Sometimes it leaves the lark that would not get a beautiful look on the furniture so that we need to take action for increasing the beauty of the product. For removing the marks on the wet glasses on the wood furniture, you can mix the equal parts vinegar with the olive oil then apply them on the wood grain with sliding your finger. The soft cloth must be used so that it would have a positive effect with full-strength white vinegar on the water rings present in the furniture.

Brighten Up Brickwork with pressure washer:

Do you feel effortless to clean the brick fireplace in your home? Here is your wonderful chance so that you can take a cloth dipped in 1 cup white vinegar along with 1-gallon warm water and then clean the surface of the bricks with it. we can use best power washer to clean these brick then Hearth looks so good, and you would wonder about the magic effect on the brick as the solution brightens up the exposed brick.

Revitalize Wood Paneling:

Do you think that the wood paneling looks dull as well as dreary? Use this simple homemade remedy for making the simple way of revitalizing the wood paneling. Mix 1-pint warm water along with the four tablespoons apple cider vinegar as well as two tablespoons of olive oil. Shake the container couple of times and then apply the solution with the clean cloth on the wood paneling. Take the Mixture of soak in wood for several minutes and then polish with dry cloth.